Swami Pavoni

Vandaag droomde ik dat Swami Pavoni, de eerwaarde koffiegoeroe vorige week in ons land was om satsang te geven voor zijn volgelingen. Zijn boek: ‘The Pavoni Upanishads’,een letterlijke transcriptie van voorgaande satsanggesprekken werd daarbij gepresenteerd.
Het boek is een enorm succes in zijn land van herkomst, Jamaica. Aan de vertaling wordt gewerkt. Om uw leesdorst op te wekken geeft de redactie van O.G. hieronder een kleine bloemlezing weg van de bewuste inhoud:

Question: Which coffee is best to open the gate of enlightenment, is there a specific flavour that you can recommend us?

Answer: To be honest, each flavour can function as a katalysator…for liberation, even no flavour at all can do the job effortlessly.

Question: Oh, my god, how did you know my name, Lesly?

Answer: No no, I said ; Effort-less-ly!

Question: But whatever effort I make the gate stays closed!

A: So….stop making any effort Lesly…relax, take a cortado at the bar, next question please!

Q: How did coffee change youre life?

A: Is there such thing as ‘my’ life…isn’t it just life without anyone in particular?

Q: yeah but, no but…yeah but it all started with coffee didn’t it?

A: Well Vicky, I must confess I drank a serious amount of cortado’s before it happened, but I see no causal effect between the two, coffee can’t do any harm but I doubt that it is benificial for…

Q: But for heaven sake Swami, why then do they call you ‘the Coffeeguru? ‘

A: Do they? I have always loved caffeïne and I still do, why should stop my divine de addiction?

Q: Do you suggest that God would drink a double cortado?

A: I can’t affirm nor deny the possiblity that the deity has a sublime good taste, if deity exists…One thing we know for sure: coffee exists…it is divine even without any deity. But…what would coffee be without a tasting tongue that is conscious? Just be aware of this tasteless awareness…

Q: What has Pavoni to do with this whole circus?

A:They’re sponsoring this satsang, so you can experience this essence for free…let’s start now for a Mocca-meditation….Barista’s at your places please, ready for take off?

Toen ik ontwaakte bleek de droom naadloos te zijn overgelopen in deze wakkere dagdroom. Het waaksel is van hetzelfde nat, alleen ditmaal met koffiesmaak.

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